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Why Manscape?

Benefits Of A Manzilian Wax

Keeps it fresh

It makes your package look bigger!

It makes you look tidy and clean.

Prevent transmission of one of the most common STD’s (pubic lice)

Hair texture changes instantly right after the first wax session.

An added bonus? It increases your sensitivity.

We promise to deliver the best male waxing in SW Michigan.


The Piston

Includes the penis, scrotum, pubic mound, 


The Piston Maintenance

Maintenance pricing will be given to services performed WITHIN 5 weeks or LESS of each other. After 5 weeks , the first appointment price will be charged.


The Tiger

Includes the penis, scrotum, crack, butt



The Red Wing

Includes the penis, scrotum and crack


The Growler

Includes the penis, scrotum and pubic mound (nothing from the back).




Full Leg          $79

Upper             $43

Lower             $43


Full arm          $57

Upper               $29

Lower               $29



Full                      $73

Upper               $39

Lower                $39

Chest                   $67

Shoulders          $37


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